Our Mission Is Simple...

We want advisors to spend more time on the things they do best,
and less time on everything else.

Founded in 2011, Fusion Capital Management provides the technology that fits your process, the marketing that fits your value, the investment solutions that fit your clients, and the operations that fit your needs.

What We Do:  We provide end to end support for IARs and RIAs. We have over 75 direct advisors and institutional clients (RIAs) with more than 425 advisors and over 3000 agents totaling over $1.8 billion of assets under advisement. Our technology allows advisors to grow their firm efficiently, without having to commit more time, human resources, or outside support to their firm. We put the advisors’ growth potential back in their own hands.


How We Do It: Our proprietary platform, Fusion Elements, offers advisors and RIAs an Operational Edge. We provide a semi-structured framework for practice management based on our best practice guides, but allow advisors and RIAs to customize these to fit their specific processes and needs. You are at the wheel, but we provide the best navigational route.  This allows the advisor to truly own their success while eliminating the need to “Re-invent” the business process wheel. Fusion Elements can connect with over 750 different applications, giving advisors the flexibility to define their own process, but the structure to use that process efficiently. 


Why We're Different: Our goal is to create technology that advisors will actually want to use.  Our simplified, centralized, and intuitive interface is designed to significantly reduce the learning curve required in leveraging technologies like Money Guide Pro, Orion, AdvisoryWorld and Fusion Elements. In addition, Fusion Elements automatically helps advisors integrate and leverage their CRM, Cloud Storage, Proposal and Marketing Tools as part of their overall business practice. Advisors can think of Fusion Elements as the Operating System or “glue” - bringing all of those silos of information together as a single, cohesive practice management tool. One platform, one login, one framework that ties all of your independent business needs together into one solution: Fusion Elements.​

We Focus On...

Freedom, rather than Restrictions,

Customization, rather than Systematization

and (most importantly)

Empowering your growth rather than defining it.

Fusion Advisory Board


Senior Leadership

Morgan Wendlandt
Chief Marketing Officer
Robert Pujia
Partner, Chief Operations Officer
Leibel Sternbach
Partner, Chief Technology Officer
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