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2018 Meeting Recap

April 11th-13th, 2018

Rough Creek Lodge, Tx

"Great opportunity to connect with other business partners, and collaborate on ideas! "

"You'll appreciate the open nature of the event. It felt truly collaborative during the meeting times which made the meals and free time that much more enjoyable getting to know everyone."

"I am confident in the leadership of Fusion to execute on the vision over the coming year."

It was a great venue and opportunity to collaborate with companies to identify and help fill the gaps in their businesses.

"I feel this is a start to something great."

"The information shared was very valuable. This event was different in that there was little selling of products and services, and high information. The venue was first class."

The Spark Story

"...Best event I've attended this year. "

At Fusion, we have spent the last 18 months developing, beta testing, and releasing our advisor operations platform, Fusion Elements, that connects all advisory operations into one central hub, allowing open integration with over 700 awesome applications. What we found throughout this experience was that these applications are created based on what providers ASSUME advisors need. And the agents and advisors utilize the technology in what they ASSUME to be the most efficient way.

These assumptions have caused a disconnect that has left both sides, in many cases, unsatisfied. From this, the Fusion Spark event was born.

In short: Spark provides the opportunity to help guide the direction of tomorrow's industry solutions. Here's how it worked: 

  • 100% of attendees agreed or strongly agreed that the event helped work towards solving problems that their organization faces. 

  • 100% of attendees responded that they would like to attend in 2019.

  • 100% of attendees responded that they would encourage others in the industry to attend. 

Who Attended

We connected the providers of the technology directly with the users, as a group, in one place, at one time, to break through assumptions and match advisor needs with viable solutions.

The event kicked off with an open table discussion between users and providers to understand what advisors truly want and need from the technology they use. These needs guided the direction of the event, and subsequently, the direction of the industry.

The providers then got to work, putting together their plan of execution for the needs that were discussed.  This is where the power of Spark shows, as solutions are designed with one thing in mind: helping the advisor.

On the final day, the solutions were presented to the attendees, where they were discussed, evaluated, and future plans of action were put in place.  From this, true advisor-designed solutions were born.





Event Photos
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