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Own Your Operating System

...courtesy of Fusion Elements Technology.

Our Fusion Elements Technology removes the timely and costly friction from your everyday operations. Designed to allow advisors to easily serve their existing clients, Elements frees up the time and energy needed to focus on obtaining new ones. Unlock your growth potential with Fusion Elements.

Your Process, Our Support

Finally, the technology has arrived that works with you, not against you.  The Fusion Elements platform is your single portal for all of your firm's operational needs. ​

Print Mailing Labels, then Dive into Investment Research, and then Allocate Client Accounts. All in one window, all with one login, all with a few clicks.  

This provides advisors the end to end support needed to attain true operational alpha. Owning your process means less time, less training, less need for support, and more consistency and efficiency, no matter what else changes. 

The "Open Architecture" Difference

Most technological platforms require you to adopt their process, their programs, and their way of thinking.​ Elements is different.


The open architecture design means you can keep your CRM, your email system, your money mangers, your file storage service, and everything else you and your staff are already comfortable with.  Just plug it in to Elements, and integrate them all into one, master hub. 

We can connect with over 800 different applications that you may already use for your business, or will use in the future. If anything in your backend changes, a new CRM, new custodian, new anything, your system and your process doesn't have to. 


Consistency, ease-of-use, and never having to retrain your staff?  That's the open architecture difference. 

What This Means For Your Firm...

Think of it this way: Right now, your firm is a row boat, depending on several different people and firms, each with their hand on an oar, to carry the weight of your business. You may be the captain, but you are at the mercy of the direction, speed, and motives of other people to carry your boat forward.  Fusion Elements eliminates the need for those oars and the corresponding hands, and instead gives you a motor and wheel to drive your firm forward in the direction and speed that you determine is best. Instead of manpower, you’re able to harness the power of the Fusion Elements technology to provide your clients the advisory experience you both will enjoy.

Schedule a Free Live Demo

We've tried to explain the power of Fusion Elements, and the difference it can make in the daily operations of your firm, but graphics and functionality lists can only take the story so far.  If you are interested in getting a live look at Fusion Elements, and how you could begin utilizing it to take control of your daily operations, sign up for a Live Demo with Fusion President: Ryan Borer, Elements creator: CTO Leibel Sternbach, or another member of our staff. 

Explore these features and more!

Audit Support- create a complete audit file, everything anyone could need, quickly and easily. 

New Account Opening/Account Servicing - Easily open a new account or service an existing account with just a few clicks. The system not only executes these tasks, but updates your clients on their status, automatically. 

CRM Integration- Plug in any CRM you are using, or simply use ours.

Transition Support- Paperless processing, esignature abilities, and a transitioning process that you won't regret.

Payables to Audit - See what you are making on what accounts, at any given moment. 

Ticketing and Tracking - Submit operations requests and track the progress of those requests every step of the way. 

Third Party Money Management - Direct trade requests between your money managers, and our trading team. 

Literally, Everything In One Place: Website editor, all client service operations, secure document storage, CRM, sales support, reporting, fee billing, compliance oversight, marketing management, account allocation, paperless processing, and anything else you can think of. 

Current Fusion Advisors

Please login to the secure advisor page to access Fusion Elements by clicking HERE.

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