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The Fusion Marketing Program

Our tiered and tactical based marketing programs are designed to position you as the expert in the eyes of your local prospects. Your job is to choose your involvement on a scale from "finger on the marketing pulse" to "total cruise control". Our job is to do the rest. 

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The Program Road Map

The prospects in your market have dozens, maybe even hundreds of options when choosing a financial advisor.  How do they know to choose you?  What about you stands out?  How are you showcasing your expertise and value. 

Marketing matters, in the eyes of your prospects, and the success of your firm.  Our marketing programs are designed to deliver on both. 

Learn more about the advisor experience on the Fusion Marketing Program and specific deliverable examples by clicking the road map to the left.

Advisor Websites

Now that we’ve all acknowledged the need for a website, it’s time to acknowledge the different between simply having a website, and having an effective one. Your website is very often the first way that prospects meet you, and it’s even more often the way that they decided whether they want to work with you or not.

Learn more about our advisor website program and take ownership of your online presence. 

Check out our branding process...

Defining Your Brand

Our marketing program is designed to identify, define, and communicate your value in a way your prospects will understand and, most importantly, respond to. 

The Fusion Marketing Team has decades of experience in building unique brand messaging and campaigns, and has designed a process and marketing engine to help you take advantage of it.

Ready to Get Started? Click below to access the Marketing Program Order Form with Pricing and Outlined Deliverables.

Ready to Learn More?
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