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How much of your day is spent on repetitive tasks, babysitting custodians, or correcting errors?

No matter the amount, the answer is "..more than you'd like."

So let us help.

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Most firms charge for what they deliver, even if each and every advisor doesn't use it all. That would be like if you have had to pay for every commercial you saw on TV, even if you didn't want to buy the product.  Fusion is different.  



This means we offer you the nuts and bolts of what you need to run your business, and you pay for only those nuts and bolts, or pay just for the nuts, or just for the bolts.

If you think this is already what you've been doing, think again. Sales training, case design, flashy tools that you and your clients never use, but yet your fees you are charged require you to pay for these things away.

At Fusion, you only pay for the services you use.
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Consider us the superpower hidden within your team.

Imagine if you could instantly know the status of every action you take on behalf of your clients. Or, every action that the custodian takes.  Or, every action that each dollar takes...

Normally, automation and efficiency cause a lack of transparency, but yet your clients expect you to know exactly what is happening with their money. "I'm not sure," is never an acceptable answer, we know.

That's why transparency is at our core of every function.  You can know exactly where and what is happening with a client request every single step of the way.  From initial request to custodian confirmation, you will always be able to tell your clients exactly where things stand. 


They will think you are being extra attentive to their accounts. You will know you have the superpower of Fusion Elements to thank.

...Sound pretty great?

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