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Market Q&A with Taiber Kosmala & Associates

Recording from Thursday, March 19th.

Fusion Market and Allocation Update

Read about the allocation response to this Black Swan Event

The Power of Risk Triggers

Understanding the tactical strategy used in times of volatility...

Brian Wesbury (First Trust) 

Check out his insights on The Coronavirus Contraction below...

Recent First Trust Webinars and Conference Calls

(For Institutional Use Only. Not For Public Distribution)...

4/3/20 - 11:00 am - Noon EST

Surveying the Wreckage & Looking for Opportunities 

Robert Carey, CFA
Chief Market Strategist
First Trust

Dial In: 888-378-4398
Passcode: 654482

4/2/20 - 11:00 am - Noon EST

Opportunities Within the Closed-End Fund Market

Jeff Margolin
Senior Vice President
Closed-End Fund Analyst
First Trust

Dial In: 888-378-4398
Passcode: 645006

4/1/20 - 11:00 am - Noon EST

Coronavirus and Economic Update

Brian Wesbury
Chief Economist
First Trust


Dial In: 888-378-4398
Passcode: 906371

3/31/20 - 11:00 am - Noon EST

Target Outcome Investments:
Buffered ETFs and UITs

Steve Neamtz
President and Managing Director
Cboe Vest Financial, LLC

Dial In: 888-378-4398
Passcode: 764374

3/30/20 - 11:00 am - Noon EST

The Bailout, the Coronavirus Contraction and the Political Outlook

Robert Stein, CFA
Deputy Chief Economist
First Trust

Dial In: 888-378-4398
Passcode: 541224


First Trust Preferred Securities Update with Stonebridge Advisors

Robert Wolf
Senior Vice President
Client Investment Officer
Stonebridge Advisors

Replay Coming Soon


Viruses and Vertigo

Chris Konstantinos, CFA
Chief Investment Strategist
Co-Head of Investment Committee, RiverFront Investment Group

Replay Coming Soon


Equity Outlook… When and How Does it Turn?

David McGarel, CFA, CPA
Chief Investment Officer
Chief Operating Officer
First Trust


Even in Crisis… There are Municipal Market Opportunities

Johnathan Wilhelm
Senior Vice President
Senior Portfolio Manager
First Trust


The Dialogue of Down Markets

Chris Jeppesen
Chief of Advisor Consulting
Co-Author, First Trust


Benefits of Active Fixed-Income: Finding Opportunity Amid Volatility

Bryan Whalen, CFA
Group Managing Director
Fixed-Income Group

Dial-In 888-203-1112
Passcode 7030652


Virus, Volatility and Vision

Richard Bernstein
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Investment Officer
Richard Bernstein Advisors LLC


Eyes to See: Putting Things in Perspective

James Bowen
CEO, First Trust


Weathering the Storm: When Will The Clouds Part?

Brian Wesbury
Chief Economist
First Trust


Which Thematic ETFs We Think You Will Wish You Bought Three Years from Now

Ryan Issakainen, CFA
Senior Vice President
ETF Strategist, First Trust

Dial-In 888-203-1112
Passcode 9928595
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How Do We Budget Risk in a Fixed Income Portfolio and Think About Securitized Products in This Environment?

Jeremiah Charles
Senior Vice President
Senior Portfolio Manager
First Trust

Dial-In 888-203-1112
Passcode 2028607
Pin 1803


High–Yield, Floating–Rate and Energy’s Impact on the Asset Class Fight or Flight?

William Housey, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager
Managing Director of
Fixed–Income, First Trust

Dial-In 888-203-1112
Passcode 4924670
Pin 9674


Is there Value in Fixed–Income?

Robert DeRochie
Senior Vice President
Client Portfolio Manager
Fixed-Income, First Trust

Dial-In 888-203-1112
Passcode 9479546
Pin 2455


Where to go Now in the Equity Markets?

David McGarel, CFA, CPA
Chief Investment Officer
Chief Operating Officer
First Trust

Dial-In 888-203-1112
Passcode 2123111
Pin 9596


Oil at $31: What does this mean for MLPs and Energy?

James Murchie
President, Founder and CEO
Energy Income Partners, LLC

Dial-In 888-203-1112

Passcode 6601157
Pin 2637


Investing in a Coronavirus world

Brian Wesbury
Chief Economist, First Trust

Brookmont Market Updates

Commentary on the markets from Brookmont Capital...

March 20th Update

"Wait until you see the whites of their eyes"

March 27th Update

"The Virus dictates the economic impact which informs the market response"


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