The Fusion Marketing Program is design to help advisors own their market with comprehensive strategies, unique branding, and hands-on implementation.


How It Works

Step One: Develop Name Recognition

Step Two: Become Recognized as the Local Expert

Step Three: Give People the Opportunity to Verify



  • Complete Online Resource

    • ​Forms, Fusion platform, market commentary, marketing documents, portfolio info, letters, presentations

  • Knowledge Base 

    • ​Education, training, instructions for operatoins, processing, & support

  • Tracking

    • Track the real-time of business submissions

    • Email alerts

    • History of submissions & requests

Advisor Websites

Stop simply existing with your online presence and start engaging. Use a proven website designs customized to display your unique value.


Customizable Templates

  • Proven Designs and Layouts

  • Pre-developed, compliance approved content 

  • Add/Remove dozens of different pages

  • Built in lead generation opt-in forms

  • Customizable brand design and imagery

Starting at just $297, our advisor websites provide the value of a full blown custom site, with the price and ease that advisors want. 

Platform Support

  • Advanced requests can be made directly through the editor to the Fusion Website team

  • Updates to templates, features and software will be released periodically, and can be automatically applied to update your site

  • Responsive site design allows for your website to look great on any device

  • Harness the ability to integrate outside pages, like client portal logins, and other unique features. 

  • Provide clients Asset Allocation, Portfolio and Investment Analysis, Proposal Generation, Hypothetical Illustrations

  • Generate fact sheets on their portfolio, proposed portfolio, and individual holdings

  • Generate Portfolio & Investment Analytics including:

    • Hypothetical vs. Actual Performance

    • Risk vs. Return

    • MPT statistics such as Alpha, Beta, R2, Sharpe Ratio, Up and Down Market Capture, Information Ratio and more. 

Proposal Generation Software
Easy Editing
  • If you can edit a word document, you can edit your website. 

  • User friendly wizard makes graphics and page changes as easy as a single click.

  • Update company information in one place, and watch it coordinate with all the pages on your site

  • Add and remove pages, offers, images, or downloads easily and as often as you'd like. 


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For Developers - Elements API

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