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The Power of Risk Triggers:
Why Fusion knew to go defensive on Feb 28th

Advisor calls have been extremely positive during March and their clients have been downright... happy.

Our advisors were able to proactively reach out to clients and explain that our Risk Trigger went off on Feb 28th and we were going defensive March 2nd. We moved out the market before the dip and were able to skip major market losses. At one point the market was down over 27% since we exited! Clients have been reaching back out to our advisors thanking them! Needles to say they are very relieved, calm and over the moon happy! Our advisors have been telling us that these clients are now clients for life!

This isn't the first time we've heard this. Our Risk Triggers provided a similar result in 2008...  

Fusion Advisors are paid on the average daily balance monthly...

We believe that this is the most fair and true measure to bill clients. Drastic market swings don’t impact the fees clients are charged. Another benefit is that helps advisors pay remain more consistent and reliable during times of uncertainty.

Contact our team for specifics on how this helped both clients and advisors navigate this economic volatility.


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More About Risk Triggers

Fusion Risk Triggers are designed to help investors capture the upside of market movements, while limiting the losses from the downside. These decisions are based on historical data, mathematics, and market analyzation, not emotion or prediction.

This tactical approach is one that is utilized by many of our money managers, with the aim of helping investors limit their drawdown, while capturing the gains.  Why ride the market up and down when you can use a strategy that "skips the dips"? Learn more about risk triggers via the button below, or contact our team to get all of the details on our strategies.

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