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Fusion Elements Staff Training

Dallas, Tx

January 22nd-23rd

Event Details


This training is designed for the advisory staff members who use Elements most day-to-day. This can be the advisor themselves, or other team members within the office. Both new and existing staff members within this role are encouraged to attend. 


The Training will start at 1:00 on Tuesday, January 22nd and will end at Noon on January 23rd.  Attendees can arrive on the morning of the 22nd and depart the afternoon/evening of the 23rd. 

Training will be held at the Fusion Offices: 9111 Cypress Waters Blvd, Suite 140, Dallas, TX 75019


The Fusion Team will lead attendees through new features, usability best practices, and common FAQ discussions. We will crowdsource for the next Elements roll out for the most prevalent update requests and foster open discussion between staff members for peer-to-peer learning opportunities. 

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